Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My favorite restaurant closed! Gianni's Traitor on J street (next to GV Hurleys). I was driving down the street a couple of weeks ago and noticed the windows all papered over and scaffolding around the storefront. I had to go around the block to make sure I saw right. Yup..they were remodeling. Sunday just for the heck of it I called Gianni's number and got Aurora. The guy who answered the phone said they had just opened, they were a restaurant/bar serving Italian food. Hey, great maybe it would be as good as Gianni's was. So we headed down there to give it a try. As we walked up they had a big banner hanging up there saying Grand Opening July 19. As we walked up to the door there were several guys sitting outside and there seemed to be no one in the place. Tables all set nicely but no patrons. We tried the door but as we did one of the guys said they had just closed. ??? It was 7:00pm on a Sunday night and they were closed? They just had their grand opening! That didn't seem to make sense to me. If you just opened you should be open. I didn't see anything on the door with hours..maybe they close early on Sundays. Oh well, we'll give them a while to get it together and give it another try if they do in fact get open. We ended up going to Centro which is not a bad substitute. It is not a favorite of mine as far as Mexican food goes but it good.
Ahh well, another great restaurant bites the dust. I just heard that the Sterling Hotel and Chanterelle will be closing in the next week or so. So sad.

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Ms. Munchie said...

hey, just saw you bought PChef from me last month. thanks for the business! you can always ask for a catalog. new one comes out end of next month.

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