Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just purchased 2 tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert at the Sleeptrain Amphitheater next month. For those of you not "In" the know, the Jonas Brothers are another of the Disney machine's Mega Millionaire kids. 3 brothers 19,17 and 14 have a band and are touring this summer as headliners. I think last year they toured with Hanna Montana (Miley Sirus) another Disney mega hit. Anyway, this year they are playing 3 dates in Northern California and the "Tweeny " boppers are probably all bugging their parents to take them. Tweens are the kids 10-12 years old who apparently are one of the biggest consumer group right now. I can see why.. $69.00 per ticket!!! Not to mention food, programs, souvenirs. I thought about the lawn area but it wasn't that much less plus they don't allow you to bring in your own lawn chairs but you can rent them there for $10.00 each... I've done the lawn thing and after it gets dark the crawly bugs and mosquitoes come out in droves. Plus sitting on anything but a chair any more is not doable.. getting up off the ground is a major challenge not to mention trying to walk until I loosen up (old age is the pits). So I got seats somewhere in the middle of the seat area. My granddaughter is so-oo excited, I guess that makes it all worthwhile.


Rajesh &Shankari said...

U are such an awesome grandma!

Unknown said...

I think you are very brave!

I remember taking my son Jer to a "Lover Boy" concert once. Remember them? My ears rang for two days.

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