Saturday, June 14, 2008


I am so full!! My famous lament..I've been wanting to try A Taste of Brazil for quite a while and we finally made it. It is in a small strip mall on Madison Ave. The restaurant is small with a small salad bar and hot food buffet in one corner. When we got in there we couldn't find a hostess so we found a place at the small bar area and sat down to wait. I finally flagged down a guy who looked like he might be in charge and told him we had a 7:00 reservation. He said yes, they were just clearing and setting up our table. We waited a couple more minutes and he came back and sat us. The waitress came and took our drink order, I tried Skol a Brazilian beer and Charlie had a Corona. She then told us to help our selves to the buffet. The salad bar as lettuce and a few vegetable, nothing exciting. The hot food buffet had two types of rice, one white and one that looked like it had parsley mixed in it. There was black beans with sausage, pork in some kind of gravy (it was good), something that looked like fried fish, collard greens and a few other items. The menu is all you can eat, 15 different meats, fried bananas, and cheese rolls. The bananas are dipped in a light batter and deep fried, the cheese rolls were strange but addictive. A golf ball size ball of dough with some kind of mild cheese inside and it looked like it was fried, but it wasn't greasy. The meat is brought out by waiters dressed in gaucho outfits (I thought that was Argentina ), the meats are on long skewers right of the grill and either siced off of pull off the skewer. You are give an chip with Yes on one side and NO on the other If you want more meat you leave the Yes side out and when you've had enough or need a rest you flip it over to the No side.
The meats are Rump Roast, Rump Roast w/garlic, Bacon wrapped chicken and Bacon wrapped fillet, Top Sirloin, Pork ribs, Chicken drum sticks, Pork Loin w/Parmesan cheese,Beef ribs,Bottom Sirloin, Fillet w/garlic, Pork Loin, Linguist sausage and leg of lamb. All the meats are barbecued. I think my favorite was the fillet w/garlic, the rump roast, and the pork loin. I think I tried a little of everything except the chicken drumstick and the ribs. They give you little tongs to grab the meat as the server is slicing it.
This is a bottle of some kind of little red peppers in oil. I asked the waiter about it and he said just try it, the oil is what you use. He said it wasn't too hot.. yes it was. It was delicious, it had a definite pepper taste, I think it said something about pimentos at least that was one of the things I could read. I'm not sure pimentos meant pimentos as we know it or if that referred to a peppers. It went very well with the meats.

And yes they have desert.. Grilled pineapple, Flan, a Parfait,Chocolate or Vanilla sundae,Brazilian cake and pie (they didn't have those tonight) I of course had to try desert (groan)..I had the parfait which was a custard on the bottom with a cookie layer, chocolate layer and then what seemed like cool whip topped with dessicated coconut.. very good. Charlie had the Flan

Everything was good, fresh off the grill..go with a big appetite, you'll want to try everything.
A Taste of Brazil Steakhouse
5207 Madison Ave
916 331-5107

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