Thursday, June 5, 2008


OK.. informercial time. These are two products that I saw on TV and decided to give them a try.

The first is the Green Bags. They help keep produce fresher longer. Whole foods used to sell a similar type bag in their produce section but discontinued them. I saw this on TV and thought I'd see if it worked as well as the ones from Whole Foods..yes they do. Clean your produce and stick it in the bag and close tightly. The produce will stay fresh weeks longer. The box comes with 10 large and 10 medium bags. I got these at Longs Drugs (Florin/Freeport) for $9.99 in the "As Seen on TV" section. They may also carry it at some of the Rite Aids, I know I've seen things there that they advertise on TV. This is a winner.

The next thing and don 't laugh is grass seed. I saw this one night and thought what the heck.. my back yard is a dust bowl. We used to have a Pot Bellied pig a few years ago and he pretty much rototilled up the yard. There are several spots where there is no grass and in the winter turns into a mud pit which the dogs bring into the house. This is not as easy as it looks on TV. In the commercial they just sprinkle it on and Voila, grass. Actually this takes a little bit of work. Your supposed to loosen up 1 to 2 inches of the soil..mine is like concrete so that wasn't possible. So, being the genius that I am, I bought several large bags of Super Soil and spread it out on the area I wanted to grow some grass. There is a perforated bottom so you can just shake the grass seeds onto the area..easy. It then can be resealed. One bag covers a good size space. I put barricades around the area so the dogs wouldn't go in. You need to keep the area damp for the first 2 weeks. After about a week sure enough grass was growing. I let it grow about 3 weeks before I took down the barricades. Your supposed to cut the grass as soon as it is cutting length. So far so good. Since I still tend to water that part more the dogs have churned it up a bit but I sprinkled a little more seed on there and it's coming up. I figure by the end of summer the grass should all fill in. I started on another patch and I see little green sprouts starting to come up. So far the dogs haven't killed the new grass. It's supposed to be some kind of super grass that will with stand dogs etc. We'll see. So far so good, I'm pleased with the results. This will probably the few patches of "real grass" as opposed to weeds. But, hey weeds are green too. I'm not picky as long as the grass is green that's fine with me.
I think this one works fine.. we'll see what happens come winter, see if it all dies and I have a mud pit again. Next time AstroTurf! I did see that on TV too.. fake lawn.. stays beautiful all year mowing necessary... if all else fails....

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cool..I wondered about those bags.

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