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This seems to be a hot topic lately, I don't know why since it should be equality for all. I know that the Christians for the most part and particularly the evangelical "Christians" are against the union of same sex couples. I'm Buddhist, I have not seen what the Buddhist Church's stand on this. I'm assuming and hoping it is for same sex marriages. BUT knowing Asian people, I'm wondering. Asian people in general are very prejudiced, particularly the older folks. In the Japanese community I don't understand this since they were the focus of horrendous prejudice during WWII. Yet, my grandparents were very prejudice as is my mother.
So if the Buddhist Church of America and the Buddhist Church in Sacramento is pro Gay union what does the congregation think? I would have to believe according to the teachings of the Buddha the church would have to be accepting of Gay marriage. Then again, Christianity is also supposed to be Love Thy Neighbor.. but no, they don't seem to love their neighbor if they are Gay. Is Buddhism as bad? I think more than the religious doctrine, it is the congregation or the Pastor/Reverend/leader of the church who dictate their own personal feelings into this issue.
So- anyone with the answer to my question please let me know, where does the Buddhist church stand? And why? I'm hoping it stands for equality for all.


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thank you teresa for the input.


Unknown said...

I was impressed with how many Sac churches marched in Gay Pride this year. It was it is mainly the evangelicals, as you say, who seem radical about any issue.

Unknown said...

I googled Buddhism and Gay Marriage and found that Buddha didn't leave any precise teachings about same sex marriage. I don't think Buddha would be against it then..but his followers might, depending on their views.

Jeff said...

OK, this thread is from years ago. But, I came across it and happen to know the answer, so I'll offer it. The Buddhist Churches of America (Jodo Shinshu) have been performing same sex marriages for nearly 40 years. Several times they have released statements opposing anti-gay laws. I personally know of over a dozen BCA ministers who have performed same sex weddings, and I'm sure there's plenty of others I don't know about.

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