Sunday, May 18, 2008


Shankari and our potluck spread

Last night Shankari Easwaran hosted our first annual (?) Indian potluck party. Shankari teaches Indian cooking classes at Sacramento Natural Food C0-0p, Whole Foods, and is often seen on TV. Most of the guests were students from her class at the Co-op and a couple of bloggers.
Of course all us students were under pressure to do well in creating one of her recipes, I'd say we all did a fabulous job as everything was delicious.
Mona and her husband brought both Lamb and Pork Vindaloo, Dave and Mel brought Buccaneer Chicken as well as drinks, Carolyn and Gary brought Chana Masala w/potatoes, Ann and Bob brought a cucumber salad , Roger brought Chipati, pita bread, and a sour dough wheat bread and rolls (Roger grows his own yeast! He is a bread master), Karen brought a bell pepper curry,I brought the Pani Puri, Shankari provided the Vegetable Biryiani, Raitha, Puffed rice appetizer, and Mango cream desert and Steven brought a Almond Torte,though not Indian it was out of this world. We all stuffed ourselves with the delicious food and had a great time.
the potluck group

here are some pictures of the food:

for more pictures go:Picasa Web Albums - Shankari - 2008_05_17_po...
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Unknown said...

Nice! I've got stuff up about it too. I am craving your pani puri!

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