Monday, April 14, 2008


I was in San Diego for the birth of my new granddaughter. My daughter and family live in Poway a great little community which I especially love because it is a total horse community. They have horse trails everywhere and even the stop lights have a lower push button for people and a higher push button for people on horseback. My daughter lives about a block from Old Poway a quaint little street of old buildings and a wonderful little park. Every Saturday there is a farmers market in the parking lot of the park. This is not a big farmers market but they have a wide variety of products and lots of food stalls.. which is what I particularly like about it. It is a great place to go to find fresh produce for dinner but a great place to assemble a wonderful brunch. My older granddaughter and I walked over to the market on Saturday morning and walked around sampling veggies and fruit. Since it is still early in the season they didn't have as much produce as I'm used to seeing there. They have flower stalls, breads, veggies, fruits, and a stand with certified organic vegetables. One stand had the biggest, most beautiful artichokes I've ever seen.I was tempted to buy a few, but didn't. I did buy a bag full of Fava beans to take home and a box of beautiful strawberries for the family. I also bought Jalepeno Cheese bread, Ceviche, 6 tamales, a huge fish burrito and a huge Nuttella crepe for my granddaughter. I wish Sacramento had food vendors at the farmers Markets. There was also a lone fiddler playing for the enjoyment of the crowd.

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Gordon said...

Wonderful photos of the Poway farmer's market. I just got home from there and saw several of the vendors you'd mentioned (but no tamales!).

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