Friday, February 29, 2008


San Francisco March 27th (Thursday) War Memorial Opera House.
VIP Tasting: $185 ,5:00pm- a private pre-event tasting of reserve and estate wines. Includes a complimentary Wine Enthusiast Wine Master pocket electronic wine buying guide,tasting glass,tasting notes booklet and admission to the Grand Tasting.
Grand Tasting $95-7:00-10:pm
30 top rated restraurants are invited, some are: BIX,Auberge Du Soleil,Chez Panisse,Fifth Floor, Quince,Milleneum, Michael Mina etc.
Over 500 wines and spirits..
to check it out go to

I posted a meet up, actually asked mel to since it wouldn't let me if anyone was interested in going as a group. If anyone is interested let me know, I can order tickets if you'l like. I think even though the VIP is rather expensive it is a better value and you'd probably be able to taste some great wines. Plus all the food and the "regular" wines at the Grand Tasting also.
E-mail me if interested or post on


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