Thursday, January 10, 2008


I just got back from a cooking class the the Sacramento Natural Food Co-op. We took another cooking class with Shankari We did Chaats and Chutneys As always everything we made was absolutely delicious. But by far my favorite was the Pani Puri. Puri is a fried puffed bread. This version is a small one bite deal. The dough is fried and it puffs up into a crisp little puff. You make a hole in the center put a dab of mashed potato in the middle and fill it with the Pani. Pani is a very watery delicious sauce, I guess you would call it. After you fill the Puri with the potato and the Pani you can top it with Mint Chutney or Tamarind Chutney. It is the most delicious explosion of flavors in your mouth as you pop the whole thing into your mouth at once. WOW it is just amazing in the flavors that just pop.
Here is the recipe for the Puri: 1/2 C fine semolina, 3-4 Tbs club soda, pinch of salt. Mix everything together into a stiff dough. Cover with damp cloth for 15 min. and let rest.
Roll out very thin (paper thin) cut with a small circular cookie cutter.. if it isn't really thin it won't stay crisp when fried. Heat oil to very hot, drop in the circles of dough and fry until golden brown.. you may need to turn the heat down to about medium high after the first batch. They will puff up, spoon the oil over the top of the Puri as it fries. Fried Puri can be kept in an air tight container for about a week.
For the Pani: 1/3 C tamarind pulp, 1C mint leaves,1Tbsp. chopped cilantro, 1" peeled ginger,
2Tbs toasted cumin seed powdered, 4 chopped green chilies (Serrano or Thai) ,Black Salt (have to purchase this at an Indian Market(a pinkish grey color, and not really a salt),4C water, salt to taste. Put everything but the water and salt and black salt into a blender and blend to a smooth paste. Mix the paste with the water, black salt and the salt. Chill the Pani water.. the longer it is chilled the better it tastes as all the ingredients meld their flavors together... better made at least a day ahead or more.
Shankari has a 3 class series at the co-op Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op check it out plus the other classes. On second thought don't take Shankari's class... that would probably leave no room for Sue and I to attend. We just love her classes.

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Rajesh &Shankari said...

THanks Eileen. It really means a lot when you love the recipes. I had a blast yesterday when I watched everyone enjoy the pani puri.

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