Sunday, December 2, 2007


OK so today they delivered my new TV. I measured my entertainment system about 4 times to make sure the TV was going to fit, even took out a divider that made up a cabinet. All was ready.. the TV is too tall. It is about an inch too tall so I had to take the top shelf off. The guys set up my TV and it has black bars on the sides not a full picture. We determine it is Direct TV that's at fault. I call Direct TV and they guide me through correcting this problem. OK now it works great. I'm playing with the remote trying to format the it so it will change Channels, turn the TV off and on etc. so I can just use one remote. It's not working so I call Direct TV and they walk me through setup so now my remote controls the TV also. Great I keep playing with it just to see what all it does. I decide to change the remote from IR (infrared, what we all have) to RF which apparently you need a whole new remote for. The directions just said that the RF you can use the remote anywhere, you don't have to point it directly at the satelite box. That sounds good right? Well, now my remote doesn't work at all!! I push every button on the remote, nothing. OK.. one more call to Direct TV... the guy (a different one, thank goodness) walks me through correcting yet another mess I made. So, I've sworn off playing with the remote. Everything works fine now. Thank goodness for the customer service at Direct TV.. they are so wonderful! They were very nice in walking me through everything, didn't act like I was an idiot and made sure everything was working before they let me off the phone.
Thank you Direct TV!!!

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Unknown said... I want a big TV! We used Dish..and their customer service is not so great.

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