Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well... lets see my mother remembered (finally) what her Life Line emergency button is for. I usually have her test it every month but it's been a few month since we've done it. I told her to test her emergency button.. got that blank look. "What do you do if you fall and you can't get to the phone?" Thinking.. plus she's getting pissed because I'm getting pissed that she doesn't remember what to do.. " Guess I'll just lay there and die." OK.. I really tried not to loose it.. she finally pushed the button and when the operator answered she told her she was just testing. So.. today I asked her what she would do should she fall or get hurt and she actually said she would push the button on her Life Line.. Yaaa! So she did but she still doesn't remember that she has to wait until the operator comes on to talk and that she doesn't have to be standing right by the monitor.. they should be able to hear her from anywhere in the house. We will keep working on it. Now I'm afraid that if something should happen, since we've been saying we are just testing that's what she's going to say if she really does need help. I guess you can't win.

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Anonymous said...

I used to live next door to an elderly lady who used to push her life line button so I would come over and visit her. I was willing to "be her life line" buddy..but not at 1 in the morning!

Getting old is not for sissy's.

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