Sunday, October 14, 2007


We finally got around to trying this place tonight (Sunday), it was good. I tried to take a picture of the decor of Gianni's, but it just didn't turn out. It is very modern and cool.. they have these metal sculptures that look like it came out of the Terminator movie. The tables are blue acrylic that look like they are lighted but they are not. They have wall hangings that look like a waterfall but aren't. It is really a neat place. The food.... I thought it was good. We started with the Calamari, which was in a tomato and Parmesan sauce. I thought it was good, different from the usual fried Calamari and the sauce was wonderful with bread. My husband wasn't as enthusiastic about it, he thought it tasted bitter. My husband had the Arugula Salad which was a mix of Arugula and Spinach ( why don't they use only Arugula ?) It was mixed with red cabbage and red onions and small yellow tomatoes in a light vinaigrette. It was tasty, I would have preferred all Arugula. I had the Mushroom Pizza.. a 12" pizza with a mix of Portabella, Shitake, Truffle Paste. The pizza was very good, a thin crust pizza . Charlie had the NY Steak with Truffle paste and artichoke. It was over cooked. He wanted it mooing but it came out about medium rare, I don't' know if it had to sit and wait for my pizza to bake. It didn't have much taste. He also had a few Margarita's, I had the Peachy Cannyon Zin. For desert we had the Parfait.. it's not on the menu so I don't know what it's called, but it was Raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries, a Creme Anglaise type sauce, some kind of crumb topping. Whatever it was, it was good. We also had an Mexican Coffee- first we were told they didn't have any coffee because they made a deal with the restaurant next door (Centro?) that they wouldn't carry coffee.. does that make sense? One of the other servers said yes they now have coffee so we were able to get that.. which was a second choice since they don't carry any kind of cognac..the waiter didn't know why.. but they carry a big selection of flavored Vodka.. so I told him just make me something.. I got Raspberry Vodka with a slash of Sprite and something else that I don't' remember, but it was a good desert drink. It was a fun dinner, out wait person was very personable and a lot of fun. I guess Sundays are not a big dinner night, we were one of a handful of diners.. too bad since it all was good and we had a good time.

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