Sunday, October 7, 2007


We went to dinner at Roxy with friends tonight. Actually everything but my entree and one of the appetizers was great. We had the Salmon Croquettes and a Chile Relleno. The Relleno was wonderful, Pablano Chile stuffed with cheese and corn.. the Salmon Croquet was really bland. Just Salmon made into little balls, coated and fried.. not much taste. I had the BLT salad.. that is really good. I love that salad, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, lots of wonderfully flavored bacon and croutons with a light vinegrette. I had the roast Chicken.. Blech~ there was no skin on the chicken, what good is roast chicken without that yummy crispy skin? It was topped with Avocado Salsa, basically guacamole.. why? That was not a good combination. It was all sitting on a mass of Grafton Cheddar mashed potato..which in itself was tasty but nothing was hot. Everything was cool. The chicken was moist but lacked flavor, the pan gravy had no taste and was that weird yellow color like it came from a mix or can and it wasn't hot either. Not good.
Everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal. Oh well, guess you can't win them all.
I was going to follow Mell's example and post one happy moment for each day. So far I've only bitched today. OK happy moment.. I got to go on a trail ride at Ancil Hoffman Park.. we took my old guy and my girlfriends young horse. It was his first real trail ride and he did wonderful. We only rode for about 45 min. but Faith and Riff did well, no one got hurt and it was a very positive experience for the both of them. It was FUN!!!

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