Thursday, September 13, 2007


I saw on TV that having good friends is the best thing for your health. Especially as we get older it seems the benefits of a group of good friends is like the fountain of youth. They serve as your support group and are there for you through all of life's little detours and adventures, both good and bad. They say people that have a core of good friends live longer... I guess I'm really blessed and will live forever. I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for. A lot of my friends are from elementary school and high school... can you imagine! That's a hell of a long time. Others I've met along the way through different interests and activities.
We've always joked that when we get old we'd all make sure we ended up in the same old age home.. wouldn't that be fun... we could cause such a ruckus!
That news story just made me think about the fact that I'm lucky to have my friends.

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