Sunday, March 8, 2009

DOLCE Enoteca de Ristorante

We finally had time to get away for the weekend (plus free rooms) to Reno. We stayed at Harrah's which is in a sad state. For a weekend the place was pretty empty. Friday night we decided to try Dolce which is at the Grand Sierra. Glad to say the Grand Sierra was busy, we thought we'd go to the bar before dinner and have a drink and relax since we had just driven in. For all the lounges they have near Restaurant Row there wasn't space available in any one of them. We ended up just spending time at the slot machines. Dolce is dark. We sat in the front of the house so I don't know what the rest of the place looks like. We were seated at a small 2 top..small, with glasses of water and a basket of bread and a dish of olive oil we were maxed out on table space. We ordered our drinks and waited and waited it must have taken at least 20 min. to get our drinks. We ordered our appetizers, Carpaccio Cippriani, marinated beef, arugula and balsamic. After another wait the server (not the waiter) came out with a Caprese, tomato and mozzarella cheese. We told him we didn't order this dish we ordered the Carpaccio. He said he'd fix the mistake and after another wait brought back the right dish. It was Carpaccio, nothing special. Charlie said it was the thinnest he's ever seen beef sliced. It was pretty in presentation but a lot more arugula than meat.
We had ordered another round of drinks but we still haven't seen them, we were told the bar tender was busy..didn't look like it to me but then she may have had a lot of orders from the tables. We had ordered salad, Caesar for Charlie and a Pear Gorgonzola salad for me.

We also had placed our order for entrees, Charlie ordered the Veal Marsala with linguine. I had wanted the Truffle Fettuccine with duck, peas,prosciutto and mushrooms. I was told they were out of duck so I opted for the Lobster Pappardelle, champagne saffron cream and fresh lobster. As we waited after our appetizer they brought out our entree.. I told them we hadn't had our salad yet so back to the kitchen it went. Out came the salads which actually were good. Our only complaint for the Caesar was the salad was in a bowl made of parmesan which made it hard to eat without the whole thing tipping over. My only complaint about the salad was that the pears could have been more ripe and it looked like it had been sitting a while since was turning brown other than the fact that it had been slightly grilled. Now as we waited for entrees I was wondering if they'd bring out the same plates as before or bring us new food. Charlie thought they'd just bring out the same old plates. Of course I had to ask when the entrees came out, we were told that those plates had been dumped and new ones were made. When they set mine down I couldn't believe it there was no pappardelle pasta instead it was pasta that looked like short rigatoni (I don't know what it's called). I asked the server if the kitchen knew what pappardelle was and he laughed and said yes but didn't our waiter tell me they were out of pappardelle. No, that was never mentioned. I figured no sense sending it back and waiting again.

The server said something about talking to the manager about it and left. It was very very el dente, the lobster was the meat out of those little legs and I think they used the meat out of one little leg..all those little red bits are sun dried tomatoes not lobster meat. I was not impressed, it was OK but for the price I would have expected at least more lobster even if it was the meat out of the knuckles. Charlie's veal was good, he liked his and said the linguini that came with it was really good. At least he was happy. The woman next to me made a comment that they sure were messing up our dinner. Our waiter returned after our entrees were done and never made any comment about the mistake. Charlie ordered the Tiramisu for desert and I had coffee. The tiramisu was again just OK and the coffee was luke warm.
When we got our check we noticed that they had charged us for the Caprese and that they had also not charged for the Lobster paparadelle. I told Charlie to tell them about the caprese so again they took back the check and made that correction. I'm glad they didn't charge for the lobster dish but no one came out to say they were going to comp that dish or that they were sorry for all the mistakes. We never did see out waiter again.
No we won't be going back there again.


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